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Bayer Protection Warranty

Bayer Protection Warranty

Bayer offers Australia’s most comprehensive termite protection system, the Bayer Protection Program. If you choose to activate and be covered by the Bayer Protection Program, you will be protected by our exclusive $1m warranty. Unlike many other warranties, this will ensure that remedial action and repair will be completely managed by Bayer if termites happen to gain access to your home and cause damage within the warranty period. This warranty is renewable annually for the life of the structure.* You may activate your first 12 months coverage under the Bayer Protection Program by clicking here.

* Your first 12 months of protection is free and commences from time of activation. You must ensure that you register within six months of moving into your home. See Warranty Terms & Conditions (1.h.): The Life of Building deemed to be 50 years.

What if I don’t register for the Bayer Protection Program?

Even if you choose not to opt into the Bayer Protection Program, Bayer still stands by the quality of its Kordon Termite Barrier and warrants the physical structure of the barrier from time of installation for six years. Please note that even with a termite barrier installed, termites can gain entry to your home if certain protective measures are not in place.

This warranty does not extend to protection against damage or errors at installation or any infestation occurring where the barrier has not actually been penetrated by termites. You as the homeowner must ensure that your home is regularly inspected and must manage the investigation into the cause and remedy of such infestations.

Click here for Bayer Protection Warranty Terms & Conditions.

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