Warranty and Inspection

How Long Does Kordon Last?

At Bayer we understand that your home is an investment, and as the company responsible for the development of products that help protect your investment, we ensure that our products undergo extensive testing and research before they are available to homeowners.

Exposure Trials conducted by CSIRO Ecosystem Science (previously known as CSIRO Division of Entomology) have proven the effectiveness of Kordon termite barrier over a minimum of 50 years. Trials were conducted across a range of sites around Australia containing various species of termites known to cause significant structural damage to buildings.

The CSIRO commenced the trials back in 1989 and each year examinations have been conducted to determine any termite damage to the test samples. After more than 50 years, all Kordon Termite Barriers placed for the purpose of the study have not been penetrated by termites.

The CSIRO trial results prove Kordon Termite Barrier is effective for a minimum of 50 years under high termite pressure. No other termite barrier has this amount of real time field trial data.

Why do I need a Kordon inspection?

Although Kordon has a proven effectiveness for a minimum of 50 years, termites can still enter your home:

  • Via the external walls,
  • Through unprotected renovations conducted after your homes construction
  • Over the Kordon barrier if there is a build up of plant matter around the perimeter of the home.
  • Around external piping.

A yearly inspection of your home ensures that any conditions that may be conducive to a termites attack can be identified before they become a problem. This also ensures that in the event of termites entering your home, you are able to eliminate the termite infestation before the termites can cause extensive damage to your home.