Kordon Key features

Kordon Termite Barrier - Key Features at a Glance

  • Market leading termite protection backed by Bayer's world leading expertise and technology
  • Proven flexibility in use across various construction types (over 120,000 installations Australia-wide)
  • Termite resistant and termite repellent
  • Provides long term protection (50+ years)
  • Extensively tested and challenged (CSIRO field trials show 100% success over 20 years of testing)
  • Environmentally sound and allergen free
  • Tough and robust, yet easy to handle and install
  • High level of safety in use
  • Comprehensive product warranty
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Installed by a network of accredited installers who are licenced and accredited by Bayer
  • Fully compliant with Australian building regulations
  • Carries CodeMark GM-10-CM30001 certification
  • Meets the requirements of AS3660.1 and AS.2870
  • Carries ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management certification
  • Approved for use in council areas where soil termiticide treatments are prohibited
  • Meets BCA QLD requirement for 50 year durability
  • Meets BCA NT requirement for resistance to Mastotermes darwiniensis
  • Full APVMA registration

It pays to safeguard your most important asset

Each year in Australia, termites cause more damage to homes than fires, floods and storms combined. One in five homes is affected by termite damage, often resulting in extensive damage and then expensive repairs.

The damage caused by termites is not covered by household insurance. The full burden of meeting the costs associated with repairing costs rests with the owner. So it is clearly crucial to protect the future value and lifespan of your investment with a quality termite management system that best suits your individual building site requirements.

The choice of termite management system can be confusing given the range of options available. Due to the regulatory environment in Australia we are lucky that most termite management systems must meet certain standards and therefore most provide at least a minumum degree of protection of the building structure. But, as with all things in life, a little knowledge can help in the choice between a basic level of protection and the best level of protection.