Kordon Termite Barrier

Every year, termites cause more damage to Australian homes than floods, fires and storms combined.

At least one in five homes are affected and the cost of repairs regularly runs into thousands of dollars. Even more disturbing is that the destruction (and expense) termites cause is not covered by normal household insurance.

So whether you're planning to put up a new home or renovate an existing one, it's vital that you comply with compulsory building regulations and invest in protecting your most important asset. Because wherever there is timber there are termites looking for their next meal.

For cost-effective, longterm protection, you can't go past having a Kordon Termite Barrier installed.

Kordon is more than just termite proof

Many termite protection products act solely as a physical barrier, allowing the foraging insects to search up and down their length until they find a gap or weakness to enter through.

Kordon contains deltamethrin, a synthetic derivative of naturally occuring pyrethrum. Insects are naturally averse to deltamethrin and, given the choice, will not go near it. Repeated trials have shown that as soon as termites even get near the Kordon barrier they turn and go elsewhere for their food.

Environmentally sensitive and allergen free

Backed by the global resources of Envu, one of the world's most trusted names in health and environmental science, Kordon's innovative plastic-sealed design makes it the ideal choice for allergen free housing and environmentally sensitive sites.

It's the reason why Kordon is so often preferred for use in schools, hospitals, public buildings and quality-conscious new residential developments.

Kordon's design is unique. It comprises a special layer of webbing to which a precise and consistent dose of deltamethrin is applied. This is then sealed between two robust sheets of quality UV-stable plastic to deliver environmentally safe termite protection not only guaranteed to last, but fully conform with the Australian Building Code, AS3660 and ABCB certification No. 2003/001.

Kordon is backed by an Envu comprehensive product warranty

A unique Australian made and designed product, Kordon has been extensively tested over a 20-year period by Envu, the CSIRO, State Forestry Departments, State Building Authorities and Building Design Academics.

In all evaluation work carried out by Envu, Kordon has achieved 100% performance as an effective barrier to termites. It is CodeMark certified to 50 year durability

Kordon has undergone extensive testing by CSIRO and other independent Australian authorities since 1989.

In all evaluation work conducted, Kordon has never been penetrated by termites. Furthermore there have been no penetrations of the product by termites in any of the 120,000+ installations which have been made since 1996.

  • Kordon Termite Barrier has the CodeMark GM-10-CM30001
  • CodeMark certification covers 50+ years durability and resistance to penetration by Mastotermes darwiniensis
  • Kordon Termite Barrier complies with AS 3660.1 and the BCA.
  • Kordon Termite Barrier has no effect on the structural design of the building.