Kordon support

Kordon Accredited Installers

Kordon is installed only by accredited Kordon installers who have been thoroughly trained by Bayer Environmental Science. This process ensures work on every installation is carried out precisely and correctly.

Technical Support

The accredited installer network has been trained by Bayer in the correct installation of Kordon Termite Barrier. The existing installer network has a high level of experience in the pest control and/or building industry. Bayer Environmental Science has a team of six individuals who are associated with Kordon. This range of in-field support staff based across the Eastern States to head-office support staff based in Victoria.

Sensitive Building Sites

Kordon can and has been used on many highly sensitive building sites. For example, world heritage-listed areas on Fraser Island, hospitals, schools and childcare centres where many other termite barrier systems could not have been installed due to environmental and health-related considerations.

Australian Made

Kordon is manufactured in Australia and has been tested and developed to specifically suit Australian conditions.