Which termite system to choose

What termite management system to choose?

There are essentially two groups of termite barriers which can be considered at the stage of new building work; physical barriers or chemical barriers. It is very important to note that the purpose of all termite barriers is to deter concealed entry (in other words they serve the purpose of forcing the termites into the open where they can be detected during the annual inspection process). This highlights how crucial it is to maintain annual inspections.

Physical barriers are based on termite resistant materials which termites must circumvent in order to reach the building. They offer the benefit of a 'set and forget' long term approach. However certain types of physical barriers have weaknesses due to the fact that they can corrode or termites can move over them easily.

Chemical soil barriers are insecticide solutions which are applied to the soil in order to create a zone which repels or kills termites when they

come into contact with the chemically treated soil. They can work well and initially seem quite inexpensive, however the chemicals involved have a finite lifespan and can, over time, become completely or partially compromised by weathering and external factors such as landscaping or renovation. It is also important to ensure that application rates are consistent with the product label. A high level of vigilance is required to ensure adequate ongoing protection is maintained and the cost and ease of re-treating needs to be taken into account.

The Kordon advantage.

During the mid 1990s Kordon Termite Barrier was the first product which represented a new class of termite management system; now referred to in the Australian Standard for Termite Management as 'a chemical in a non-soil matrix'.

Kordon is a pre-fabricated sheet material comprising a layer of webbing to which a precise and consistent dose rate of the insecticide deltamethrin is applied. The webbing is then sealed between two robust outer sheets of plastic. This provides the best features from both worlds of chemical and physical barriers.